Frequently asked questions

Getting started

1. How do I get the Activate app?

You can download our app from the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android).

2. How do I sign in?

You can sign in using your existing Apple, Google or Facebook account.

3. How do I connect my wearable devices?

You can connect the Activate application to Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin, Fitbit and Polar platforms. We will automatically collect your data (for example, steps, time asleep, energy expenditure) to our dashboard. We currently do not directly connect with Huawei, Samsung, Oura and other platforms. Please let us know at support@activate.ee which devices you would like to directly connect to.

  1. During the first login we give you a selection of the platforms and ask for your consent. You might need to log in to you account and/or select the data you wish to share dependent on the platform.
  2. If the integration is successful, the integration button will shift right and integration date will be displayed.
  3. If you choose to skip this step, you can always add device integrations in Menu > Devices.
  4. You can revoke access anytime in Menu > Devices.

If you are having trouble integrating your device, please contact support@activate.ee or write us in the application chat.

4. How do I change the language in the app?

You can change the application language in the Profile page (Menu > Profile).


1. How do I earn points?

You can earn points by completing different actions. You can learn more on how many points each action gives you in the application under Level.

2. How many levels are there?

There are five levels: Starter, Explorer, Action Taker, Achiever and Master. Each has a specific point score range and a multiplier.

3. How do I get to another level?

Each level has a point range. Once you reach the maximum of your current level, you will be upgraded to the next one.

Each month you need to also maintain your level as the points turn to zero in the beginning of the new month. You will initally still keep the level, but to maintain it for next month, you have to reach the level minimum point score.

4. Why are my monthly points suddenly zero?

In the beginning of each month you start from zero. You won't loose any points as they remain in your total point sum. You also do not loose the level you had reached at the end of the previous month, but you need to start collecting points and reach the level minimum point score to maintain the level further.

5. How can I earn points faster?

Every level has a point multiplier. The higher the level, the higher the multiplier. It will help you earn more points with each action and level up faster!

6. What can I do with the points?

Points will allow you to participate in member-only prize draws, unlock benefits and rewards. We're currently working on additional member-only features where you can redeem your points.


1. What values are displayed in the digital marker card?

We show you your daily marker value on top and last 14-day average in the bottom.

2. What does the colorful dot mean in front of the average?

We give you feedback based on the average value of the marker compared to World Health Organisation guidelines. Green shows you are within the recommended level, values in the yellow or red zone are below the recommended level and need your attention.

3. What is the average based on?

We calculate the average based on your last 14-day values.

4. Why is my digital marker value N/A?

If there is no collected data available for us to display, then we show it as not available. For example, Polar devices do not track 'Flights climbed', so Activate displays the marker as N/A. This can also happen in the beginning of the day, if there is no day data available yet.

5. Why is the digital marker value not the same as in my other application?

Marker values can differ across platforms due to data smoothing or summerizing across different inputs at the same time point. If values differ significantly, please contact support@activate.ee or write us in the application chat.

6. Can I customize the markers in the dashboard?

Not yet, we're working on adding new digital markers, so eventually you can customize your dashboard.


1. What is a program?

A program is an educational course aimed at improving physical and mental well-being through raising awareness. The program consists of modules that contain lessons based on one topic. Each lesson is packed with knowledge and practical tips, designed to help you put the learned into practice with creating action reminders. At the end of each module, there is a questionnaire to earn points. You have the option to choose between different programs and can start several at a time.

2. What are reminders?

With each lesson, there are recommended activities to put the learned into practice. It is possible to set reminders for these recommended activities to start creating new habits. You can view, edit, or delete your reminders in Menu/Reminders.

3. How can I earn points with the program?

At the end of each module, there is a questionnaire to earn points. Each correctly answered question gives a certain number of points depending on the difficulty. The questionnaire can be answered multiple times, but you earn points for the question only on the first correct answer.

4. How much time do I have to complete the program?

You can complete the programs at your chosen pace, no specific time for completion is set.

5. Can I do multiple programs at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to start multiple programs at the same time.

6. Why are some programs locked?

Programs are unlocked when you start or renew your Activate membership package.


1. What is a challenge?

Challenge is a competition where anyone with an active Activate membership can participate and compete for prizes.

2. Where can I find out about the challenge?

Select a challenge in the app to see its description and prizes. If the challenge is already ongoing, select 'Challenge info' from the menu option at the top right corner.

3. How can I join the challenge?

To join, open the challenge you are interested in from Challenge view. Next, agree to the terms and enter an alias name, if you wish. Challenges are available for membership owners only.

4. How can I see the leaderboard?

Leaderboard is only available if you have joined the challenge. When selecting the challenge under 'My Challenges', you’ll be able to see the live leaderboard and your position. The leaderboard is available once the challenge has started.

5. How can I exit the challenge?

On the top right corner of the challenge, there is a menu button. In the menu, there is a selection to exit the challenge. Keep in mind, when you exit the challenge, all your challenge related data will be removed. If you choose to re-enter, the previous score will not be available.

Wellness tests

1. Where can I find available wellness tests?

Our goal is to help you understand and monitor your health with the best available tools and services. You can find all our wellness tests in the app under Menu > Wellness tests.

2. How do I get a blood test?

We have partnered with SYNLAB to bring you Activate Blood Panel - 11 key biomarkers for determining health risks and discovering areas for improvement. You can order your blood test from the app: Wellness tests > Blood Test > Order new blood test or directly from SYNLAB.

You will receive the results through synlab.ee or digilugu.ee.

3. How do I get a Body Scan?

Body Scan is a convenient way to monitor your body composition from the comfort of your home. You can access Face Scan from the app menu: Wellness tests > Body Scan.