Activate Reward Program Terms & Conditions

Valid from 01.07.2023

  1. Reward program

    1. The Activate reward program is a program of prizes and discounts (hereinafter referred to as the reward program) that Activate Health OÜ offers to users of the Activate health application who have an active membership.
    2. Activate Health OÜ has the right to change the terms and conditions of the reward program or terminate the reward program by giving one (1) month’s notice.
  2. Participants

    1. All individuals who have an active membership in the Activate health application: monthly plan, annual plan or employer plan, participate in the reward program.
    2. Employees and members of the management bodies of Activate Health OÜ do not participate in the reward program.
  3. Health Points System

    1. The user earns points for various activities in the Activate health application and reaches levels according to the number of points.
    2. The list of activities that earn points is available in the mobile application under the menu item "Level".
    3. There are five levels to achieve: Starter, Explorer, Action Taker, Achiever and Master.
    4. Each level has a different point multiplier, which increases according to the level reached and allows you to earn points faster.
    5. Each month the user starts earning monthly points from zero but keeps the total points and the level reached in the previous month.
  4. Prizes and discounts

    1. Prizes and/or discounts are drawn on the 1st working day of each month for the previous month, among users who meet the conditions specified in the reward program.
    2. The list of prizes and discounts to be drawn every month is presented on the Activate Health website:
    3. Votes are collected in the raffle box according to the user's level in the Activate health application:
      • Starter – 0 votes
      • Explorer – 1 vote
      • Action Taker – 2 votes
      • Achiever – 4 votes
      • Master – 8 votes
    4. The results of the draw and the names of the winners will be published on the website and Facebook page of Activate Health OÜ on the 5th date of each month at the latest.
    5. The winners will be contacted by representative of Activate Health OÜ using the user´s e-mail registered in the application within 5 working days after the draw.
    6. If the winner is not available (does not answer the e-mails) within 10 working days, he / she will lose the right to the prize and a new winner will be drawn.
    7. The prize or discount won will not be replaced by another prize or discount or will not be reimbursed in cash. The winner has the right to cancel the prize by notifying the representative of Activate Health OÜ in writing. In this case, a new winner will be drawn.
    8. All taxes related to prizes will be paid by Activate Health OÜ.
    9. Activate Health OÜ has the unilateral right to terminate the reward program and terminate the awarding of prizes and discounts in the event of force majeure, immediately notifying the participants of the reward program through their website and via e-mail.
    10. All claims must be sent in writing to Activate Health OÜ (Valukoja 10, 11415, Tallinn, Estonia, e-mail: The terms and conditions of the reward program are published on the website