All about the app

Activate app is designed to help you take control of your health with the best science-backed tools and programs. Here are the key elements of the app functionality.

Face Scan

Face Scan is a convenient way to monitor your overall health and cardiovascular fitness from the comfort of your home. Face Scan starts by positioning your face inside an outline of your smartphone front camera view. Then the advanced facial tracking locks onto key regions to track underlying blood flow. Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI) is used to extract facial blood flow information from beneath the skin. Based on the acquired data, the advanced signal processing and deep learning models measure vital signs and predict physiological effects. The whole process takes 30 seconds.

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Body Scan

Body Scan is a convenient way to monitor your body composition from the comfort of your home. Body Scan involves taking two pictures from your front and side. The AI model will then generate a 3D body shape and use it to calculate your measurements. The whole process takes under 60 seconds. All data processing happens on your smartphone without any data leaving the device.

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Blood panel

Activate blood panel was created together with SYNLAB doctors and health specialists. The panel consists of 11 key biomarkers and provides an initial snapshot of your physical health. The results allow you to understand potential health risks and development opportunities. We recommend every adult do at least 1 blood panel per year.

You can order the panel here.

Physical fitness tests

Simple at-home physical fitness tests that you can perform regularly to track your progress. Don't forget to enter the results to the app after each measurement.

  • Maximum number of pushups
  • Maximum number of pullups
  • Maximum number of situps
  • Maximum plank time

Health sprints

Health sprints are fixed-length programs for optimising your brain and body. Sprints are designed to introduce small science-backed actions into your day step by step.

During a sprint you follow a ready-made program created by an expert with daily reminders. You can choose between different sprint programs but complete only one at a time.

We are constantly working with top coaches to bring you new exclusive custom made programs.

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Personal coach

If you are serious about getting results but find it hard to stay on track, you can work with a personal coach right from the app. Activate coaches are experienced personal trainers, nutrition experts, physiotherapists and psychologists who are there to support your journey.

When signing up for a coach, you will gain access to an in-app chat function to have weekly check-in conversations with your mentor. No awkward face-to-face meetings or video calls, no technical difficulties. Just highly practical bites of advice you can chew into right away.

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Daily Score

To help you keep track of your health journey, we have created a unique tracker called Daily Score, that shows your progress across four key pillars of health: activity, nutrition, sleep and stress management.

The higher the score the better you have used the day for optimising your health, performance and well-being. Your daily maximum score is 100. To achieve this complete the following:

  • 10 000 steps
  • 7-8 hours of sleep
  • 1 activity action
  • 1 nutrition action
  • 1 sleep action
  • 1 stress action

After you connect the Activate app to Apple Health or Google Fit, we will automatically pull your sleep and activity data (Steps, Total sleep, Weight etc.) to increase your score. We are working on direct integrations to all major wearable devices, such as Garmin, Polar, Fitbit etc.

When you click on the empty circle in your daily planner to mark an action complete it automatically increases your score.

Every Monday morning you receive a Weekly recap of your progress during the last week.

Think of the Daily Score as a measure of your commitment for optimising your health. If you miss a day or two - don’t worry! Just pick up where you left off and start a new day from the beginning.

Action Library

The internet is full of general health advice and it can be hard to find actionable recommendations that match your lifestyle and preferences.

To help you cut through the noise, we have created a library of science-backed health hacks, routines and protocols in 4 key areas: activity, nutrition, sleep and stress management. You can easily add these actions to your daily planner or modify them as you see fit.