All about the app

Activate app is designed to help you manage your health by making small changes in your daily habits and routines that greatly improve health, performance and wellbeing. Here are the key elements of the Activate health management experience.

Health monitoring

Our goal is to help you understand and monitor your own health with the best available tools and services.
You can find all health monitoring tools in the app under Menu > Health Data.
  1. Blood panel

    We have partnered with SYNLAB to bring you Activate Blood Panel - 11 key biomarkers for assessing health risks and discovering potential for improvement. You can order the panel here.

  2. Digital health audit (coming soon)

    Digital health audit helps determine your vitals, body composition and potential health risks at home.

  3. Physical fitness tests

    Simple at-home physical fitness tests that you can perform regularly to track your progress. Don't forget to enter the results to the app after each measurement.

    • Maximum number of pushups
    • Maximum number of pullups
    • Maximum number of situps
  4. Digital data

    After you connect the Activate app to Apple Health or Google Fit, your You can view your key digital biomarkers (Steps, Total sleep, Weight) conveniently in the our app.

Health sprints

Health sprint is a fixed-length micro-program designed to upgrade your brain and body. You can can choose between diffenet sprint programs but complete only one at a time.

Signature Sprints

We are working with top coaches to bring you exclusive custom made programs called Signature Sprints. Signature Sprints are included in the Standard and Premium membership plan.

Coach-Guided Sprint

If you are serious about getting results and want advice on how to achieve your goals in the best way, you can work with a personal coach right from the app. Activate coaches are experienced personal trainers, nutrition experts, physiotherapists and psychologists who are there to support your journey. The coaches work only online via chat-based micro-coaching, similar to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Personal coach is available in the Premium membership plan.

Starter Sprint

You also have the option to create your own sprint program from scratch and be your own coach. Starter sprint is available in the free Basic membership plan.

Customising your sprint

During the sprint you have full control over editing your daily plan in the sprint plan view:

  • Click on the action to open detail view
  • Click on View more link to view details about the action
  • Change the time for the reminder that suits your schedule
  • Delete the action from your plan
  • Add new actions from our Action library by pressing the yellow “+”

Sprint progress tracking

To help you keep track of your sprint progress, we have created a unique tracker called Health Behavior Score, that shows your progress based on actual behavior - daily steps, total sleep and number of different recommended actions completed.
Health Behavior Score is based on 4 key pillars of health optimisation: exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management. The more actions you complete in these categories during the day, the higher the score. When you click on the empty circle to mark an action complete it automatically increases your score. Every Monday morning you receive a Weekly recap of your progress during last week.
Think of the Health Behavior Score as a measure of your daily progress - the higher the score, the better you have used the day to optimise your brain and body. If you miss a day or two - don’t worry! Just pick up where you left off and start a new day from the beginning.

Action library

The internet is full of general health advice and it can be hard to find trustworthy and actionable recommendations that fit your lifestyle.
To help you cut through the noise, we have created a library of science-based recommendations in 4 key areas of health optimisation: exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management.
We will be updating the library regularly to bring you new health hacks, routines and protocols that our team has tried and tested.