Achieve results

Our coaches are experienced professionals who will help you create and implement the perfect health improvement plan.

Do you love the excitement of getting started with something new but soon discover yourself following the regular, habitual routine after a week or two? We get it, we’ve been there. That’s exactly why we’d like to introduce Activate coaches – these experienced professionals will keep you going, be it a sunny or a rainy day.

Our coaches include personal trainers, nutritional therapists, sleep specialists and mindfulness experts who help you create the perfect health improvement plan that considers your needs and goals. They can introduce the essential health hacks and routines you didn’t know you needed. And most importantly, they help you to stay on track and take action, one step at a time.

When signing up for a coach-guided sprint, you will gain access to a chat function to have weekly check-in conversations with your coach via the Activate app. No awkward face-to-face meetings or video calls, no technical difficulties. Just highly practical bites of advice you can chew into right away.

Coach-guided sprints include:

  • Personal health improvement plan that you can personalise with your coach
  • Weekly check-in chats with your coach
  • Daily reminders for planned actions
  • Progress tracking with daily score
  • Full access to our action library with 100+ health hacks
  • Weekly recaps every Monday morning